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Latest reports:
October 2021

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Current news highlights covered in our analytical reports:

  • The EU's Green Deal: EU explains how climate-proofing works
  • The EU's Green Deal: EU offers guidance on energy efficiency
  • Energy sector:  a roadmap for digitalisaton
  • Mobile phone chargers:  EU aims at complete harmonisation
  • Railways: EU frees spectrum for Railway Mobile Radio
  • Glyphosate herbicides: a public consultation amid raging disagreement
  • Free trade and regulatory cooperation with the USA: a new attempt at harmonisation
  • Organic foods: clarification of record-keeping requirements by suppliers
  • Single-use plastic bottles: new guidance on implementation of 2019 Regulation
  • Automotive vehicles: mandatory standards for charging stations for buses, smart tachographs
  • Artificial intelligence systems:  the EU's first attempt at regulation
  • Internet-connected devices:  EU proposes mandatory cyber-security protection
  • Cyber-security:  Shakeup of EU governance of cyber-security -- new measures
  • European standardisation: EU considers shakeup "to improve the balance between speed and quality
  • Standards updates: radio equipment, medical devices, personal protective equipment, automotive vehicles, lifts, recreational craft, ATEX products
  • Product safety:  new reporting for unsafe products identified at EU external borders
  • Greenhouse gas emissions: a Carbon Border Adjustment mechanism and its impact on foreign suppliers



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