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Latest reports:
August 2019

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Current news highlights covered in our analytical reports:

  • Cyber-security: 1) a new critical appraisal of standards for the energy sector
  • Cyber-security: 2) EU criminal prosecutions of cyber-attack gangs 
  • Free Trade Agreements: 1) new free trade agreement between the EU and South America, and Vietnam 
  • Free Trade Agreements: 2) new EU efforts to restrict the use of American standards in technical regulation 
  • Agricultural pesticides: new requirements for data on risk indicators 
  • Machinery / robotics / AI: new, public consultation on revision of core safety regulation 
  • Eco-design for batteries: new, public consultation on content of proposed new regulation 
  • Medical devices: which organisations are authorised to issue Unique Device Identifiers (UDI) – mandatory for high-risk devices 
  • Drones: definitive safety and certification requirements published 
  • Electric vehicles: new push to impose rapid growth through use of public procurement 
  • Recreational craft (pleasure boats): major  update of standards recognised under the latest version of the regulation  
  • Chemicals:  moves towards new restrictions on specific substances 
  • Plastic waste.  The definitive text of the first bans of single-use plastic items
  • Brexit: ultimate outcome still almost hopelessly unclear



Examples of our work

Full text reports available for download:

  Examples of other studies, projects and reports

  • Regular updates and analysis of EU eco-design programmes.

  • The same for the EU programme to achieve zero-energy buildings.

  • News bulletins on updates to official guidance on EU technical regulations on machinery, electrical products, medical devices, toys, cosmetics.

  • The verifiable impact on trade of simplifying mandatory conformity assessment processes through the use of SDOC (Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity).

  • Global priorities for business development for pressure equipment in the energy sector, taking specific account of the growth of renewable energies.

  • Opportunities for supply of verified information on global production sources to meet the growing demand for reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Opportunities for harmonised food traceability software to meet global concerns for food safety.

  • One-stop testing and approval as a motor for export growth.

  • Bringing access to data on certification into the Internet age.



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